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We provide quality products and services to our government and commercial customers that enable their ability to deliver effective and affordable mission success.  We focus on understanding our customer's needs through systems engineering, modeling, simulation, and analysis.

Our customer's success is our company mission.  


Software Development

Angle uses structured engineering approaches to software definition, design, development, and testing. The company uses object-oriented software tools and methodologies including
UML for capturing system requirements and design.

Field Service

Angle provides systems engineering; tests and evaluations; and weapon systems life cycle management. We perform highly specialized Field Service to advanced degaussing systems for the US Navy. Angle supports both major shipbuilding and land vehicle weapon system acquisition programs.


Field service is now available onsite in Jacksonville and Mayport, Florida

Connect With Us

Main Office

Angle Incorporated

4909 Prestwick Drive

Fairfax, VA 22030

Local Phone: 703-866-0060

Toll Free: 1-800-866-6402


Support Offices

Pascagoula, Mississippi

Jacksonville / Mayport, Florida

Bath, Maine, USA




Please feel free to contact us at

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