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Computer Modeling & Analysis

Angle has over 14 years of three-dimensional (3D) modeling, and

analysis experience. For analysis modeling, we use RHINO, AutoCAD, INTERGRAPH EMS, and Finite-Element Modeling Tools to create ship

models for signature analysis of radar cross section (RCS), underwater electromagnetic (UEM) and infrared radiation

(IR) signature.


Angle can create full ship models that are accurate to within a tenth

of an inch. For RCS analysis we have the capability to create large

(complete ship), or small (antenna, gun mount, or equipment

foundation) models efficiently and accurately. We can analyze a small to medium sized (1/3 of ship) model in our classified processing facility. We’ve produced models and done analysis work for the DDG 68, DDG 79, and the DDG 92. Our analysis tools include: Radar Target Signature Model (RTS) from the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) for RCS, FeMap for the UEM, and Muses for IR analysis. Angle produced analysis of structures from partial deckhouse size to detailed antennas, including those covered by a radome.


We have complete UEM modeling and analysis capability including construction and analysis of models up to and including aircraft carrier size. The FeMap modeling and analysis environment is extremely flexible and capable of capturing the permanent magnetic field, the induced field, transient and stray fields as well as the fields resulting from cathodic protection and active shaft grounding. FeMap also provides an optimized degaussing system design and the ability to quickly and easily modify the design to assess and, if needed, modify system parameters when ship design changes displace cables or move large magnetic masses.

IR work is done with the MuSES analysis engine. The analysis engine is capable of handling multi-layer materials and structures of moderate size in complex environments. We create the models and conduct the analysis on site and we have facilities for handling classified projects if required.

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