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Electronic Warfare System Integration & Tactics

Angle developed EWDA to support the Electronic Warfare (EW) operator and the Tactical Action Officer (TAO) in defending ships against RF guided Anti-Ship Missiles (ASM) attack. It provides an integrated solution for the use of AAW missiles and chaff based on the analysis of automated and manual input from ship systems. Depending on the time available for response to incoming threats, the system allows the operators to perform “what if?” analyses in real time and to decide on an integrated defensive strategy. Once determined and accepted, the decision aid assists in the deployment and coordination of AAW missiles and all EW expendables.

The EWDA interactively calculates an optimum engagement timing solution for defending against various airborne missile threats, taking into account threat seeker and maneuver characteristics as well as the capabilities and limitations of the ship’s combat systems. Further, the EW module provides EW with the capability to support torpedo defense evolutions.

The EWDA allows both the EW and the TAO to communicate with their module and to see the effects on the overall timeline. On acceptance of a given set of conditions, the EWDA will provide simultaneous, integrated firing recommendations to both EW and TAO to minimize inherent timing conflicts that arise with uncoordinated tactics.

The EWDA consists of software components and interfaces to existing systems. It is designed to provide the TAO and the EWO with tactical information and recommendations most useful to their positions. The components can be integrated into any combat management system which has radars, AAW missiles and or guns, EW sensors, and EW expendables.

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